CARUDA HOLDINGS is a private equity management and investment

portfolio company operating through Singapore, Hong Kong,

Canada and International corporations, private investors since 2010.


The company is composed of several corporate entities and

investments built through mergers and acquisitions and maintain its

portfolios achievement through specific risk-return outcomes.

Our core capacities include Industrial and Commercial Development, First Second and third Class Energy Resources, Life Sciences, Real Estate Investments, Humanitarian Projects, Project Funding and Development opportunities.


We take a global market opportunity approach to investments and investing; using our management team                                  and strategic partnership relations located both domestically and abroad to analyze and                                  identify market opportunities. Our expertise employs and works only with the best people                                with the best ethical standards to realize and achieve its stated goals and objectives.


                             Some of the activities involve allocation of share capitals within defined risk-return                                           parameters and, help our portfolio companies perform better through the use of improved                                management tools and processes for different products and projects.