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Our Hong Kong offices provide assistance and assessment with a wide administration worldwide for private investment and corporate services.




A merger or acquisition is meant to add considerable  value to a business, 

but making sure that each stage of the transaction process, from valuation 

to negotiation and completion is successful, demands considerable

experience and deep knowledge of specifics within the region and

country wherever a transaction of this sort may take place.


Our services are designed to help our clients reach their strategic

goals by identifying and then implementing opportunities to merge

with or acquire other businesses.


As the most active and recognized professional services organisation

in this arena within the region, we can address any specific challenges

that may arise with this sort of operations to be carried on in

Latin America.


If you face one of the following situations:


Looking for opportunities to generate value by acquiring or merging with a business that offers a good fit can arise anywhere around Latin America.


Need to dispose of an asset or division as part of a restructuring or a change in strategic direction.


Seeking advice regarding privatisation, assets placement or private financing to public companies. Governments around the world are increasingly looking to the private sector for assets placements, financing and knowledge for the operation of many businesses and services previously or currently in the public sector.


Due to globalisation and competition your industry is restructuring or consolidating and you are looking for businesses that can offer you good strategic fit


You are involved in the private equity industry and you need local specialists back up to execute a deal quickly and efficiently.


CARUDA’s position at highly developed financial markets in combination with our deep regional and local knowledge means that we are in constant touch with the markets and can spot opportunities and assemble teams to execute a deal as the need arises.


We identify appropriate buyers, lenders, investors and potential partners operating at financial markets in all developed economies, which are currently seeking for this sort of opportunities all over the world and will implement a sale to generate the best price for our client.


We have acted successfully in more of these deals than any other professional services organization within the region and have dedicated specialists to advise clients on taking advantage of opportunities of this sort.


Our deep industry knowledge means that we can help companies identify other businesses that offer a good strategic fit and assist them with acquisitions, mergers and alliances that allow them to maintain and build their competitive advantage.


We work closely with clients in private equity helping them to make acquisitions and advising on disposals. Our selectivity practice on projects to be carried out and the depth of our relationships within the region mean that we can frequently spot opportunities for private equity investment and assemble the teams they need on the ground.




There is no shortage of options for businesses wishing to raise funds, but selecting the optimal structure is challenging.


Raising finance to fund expansion plans means examining a wide range of issues and answering a complex set of questions. The international capital markets are a challenging environment and selecting the right location and structure requires considerable insight and experience.



CARUDA has extensive experience of advising businesses on their fund-raising plans in all markets. Whether through equity or debt instruments our experience covers all possible scenarios and our independence means that we focus solely on identifying and structuring the best source of finance for our client.


We have intensive local understanding of markets, and can help clients to negotiate the challenges that may otherwise derail the unprepared. Our deep relationships with countless sources of finance place us in the best possible position to make sure that our clients get the finance that fits their purposes and helps them meet their goals.


If you face one of the following situations:


Looking to gain effective access to capital markets to raise funds for a wide variety of expansion plans.


Looking to select the most suitable form of finance from the complex financing options available.


Our services are designed to help companies align their strategy with their financing requirements.


We can advise on which is the most appropriate market and instrument to meet both their short-term and longer-term plans.


Our multidisciplinary teams can advise on the preparation and execution of a listing, advising on all the relevant strategic and regulatory issues that they will need to consider.




To execute deals quickly and efficiently, private equity businesses need immediate access to locally focused experienced resources, but their lean business models mean that they need to work with professional advisers who have a deep understanding of their aims and strategies.


Private equity firms are involved in a wide range of

transactions, from management buyouts of a division

of a public company through to large scale leveraged

buyouts of large listed businesses.


Private equity funds are constantly in search of the

right opportunities, and these are increasingly

international. Cross-border capability is essential for

successful deal-making.


We work closely with many clients in private equity

helping them to make acquisitions, investment and

financing and advising them on their investment exits.


Our concentrated expertise means that we can provide resources on the ground wherever they are required within the region. The breadth and depth of our relationships allow us to spot a wide range of unique opportunities for private equity investment.


We are the leading private equity advisers in the region with strong relationships with most major equity houses in the world.


If you are a private equity firm looking for the right investment for your funds within Latin America.


If your management team is looking for advice on investing in /gaining ownership of your company.


We have the industry knowledge and the regional capability to advice on all aspects of private equity transactions from deal origination, through structuring to exit planning and execution.


As the most experienced firm in the region, we can call on world class locally focused knowledge from the whole range of specific services necessary to complete a deal where deep ground domain is required.




Depending on certain market conditions and in-house strategic analysis, CARUDA Hong Kong occasionally invests directly into projects worldwide.


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